2018 is just a stone throw away

There are thousands of wealthy businessmen in Zimbabwe who rely on government resources for their businesses. Some bought private companies with government money and closed such companies within months, leaving workers with no source of income. Farms were taken from productive farmers in the name of resettlement of rural people yet thousands are in the hands of the politically connected who are  producing nothing.

Why should a sane Zimbabwean believe that zanu pf will do something different. There’s a culture of entitlement, greed, laziness and ignorance. Even the so called younger generation within zanu have learned the trick of the trade and unwilling or unable to produce any single innovative ideas. The village life is so disrupted by politics.

Let us get rid of all those using a zanu pf name for self enrichment. The international business community is waiting to invest in our country provided order and rule of law is restored. President Mugabe has created a ginormous monster for himself and the country over a long period and he has reached a cul-de-suc. The country has been looted to the bone and no viable resources available to bribe voters.

We must stand together and support a true opposition party capable of defeating zanu pf. Most of the newly formed parties should avoid wasting their petty resources and work with others and form a formidable front. Let us avoid  wasting more time criticizing those doing their bit. If one knows something this is the time to demonstrate your knowledge and not form another party which may only serve to lift zanu pf. Enough is enough, let us retake our country and bring order and rule of law.