Zimbabwe is passing through a phase where an increasing number of citizens are starting to overcome fear and speak out louder. Social media is the voice of the oppressed and the government is very much scared of it’s impact, because freedom of speech was removed in 1980 when ZANU PF took over control of all forms of media in the country and also made it difficulty for private sector to play a role in media industry. This only voice of the oppressed is about to be taken away through legalised oppressive laws.

The intended prosecution of people and mobile phone company means the government is determined to stop people from communicating. Because the fear factor is now on it’s way out, activists need to intensify demonstrations and word of mouth communication wherever they maybe including and mainly the rural areas. While activism through demonstrations is gaining momentum, situational management is lacking behind hence the need for the establishment of a professional administrative unit which will concentrate on system designs, policies and project management.

The increasing number of new political parties being formed is on one hand a good thing, because it helps spread the word and, on the other hand it is not a good idea because it   increases fragmentation among opposition forces and strengthen ZANU PF. The administrative unit on discussion will play an advisory and  mediating role  to all stakeholders and also help clear the road for an efficient new government run by capable men and women from all background who possesses unquestionable skill and experience in specific areas.

Regenerate Zimbabwe will soon publish names of capable individuals who have accepted to take a challenge in shaping the future of our country outside politics and in a professional manner. Many opposition parties are working together in demonstrations and Regenerate Zimbabwe is the back office for all activists and busy politicians. This way we can manage to source funding for a common cause and helping everyone on the ground as well as clearing the way to a proper people’s government.

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