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Mick Pearce Story

Mick Pearce story. An amazing experience not to miss. Uncover unlimited possibilities in Zimbabwe and Africa. Saturday 12.00 – 15.00 at Bradford Council Chamber Hall To register fill the form below.  


 Zimbabwe and her people have the capability to rise again after a clean-up operation. Land utilization is the first point because God blessed Zimbabweans with land for all purposes. We need to let the farmers do what they know best and Preachers spread the word of wisdom, love and peace. Operation Murambatsvina ye zanu pf

Mukuvisi River Harare; Beauty without beautiful mind

The contaminated Mukuvisi river could have been a priority project for any parks department in modern world. A lot can be done including water sports and water travel from city to townships and suburbia. What a contrast in two images God creates and man adds value to make life easier for all. God blessed Africa […]

Look East Policy; why not look within

The cost of flying to China to sign MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) documents can be higher than providing good facilities and tools for local manufacturers to make what is truly Zimbabwean products. China is now 2nd biggest economy in the world from being one of the poorer countries, courtesy of her SMEs. Government’s role is […]

Stabilizing the ship by creating our own inner waves

With the economy at the lowest level and the ruling party bus wheels seemingly coming off, Zimbabwe now needs level headedness in stabilizing the sinking ship. While some may argue that the solution is in politics, we in Regenerate Zimbabwe thinks that solution can be found elsewhere other than in political houses. As an organization […]

Volunteering for a better Zimbabwe

The biggest threat to national growth is national politicization. It may be argued that national productivity particularly in the rural areas continue going down yearly since 1980 because of what was termed mass mobilization for political rallies during working hours. Regenerate Zimbabwe has formed a number of professional groups to work out ways to repair, […]


Zimbabwe is a landlocked country but strategically situated to become a distribution hub as well as passenger and goods interchange centre serving countries like Malawi, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Infrastructures like good roads, rail, warehouses and efficient border post are key factors in a country’s attractiveness in addition to security, rule of […]


Robert Gabriel Mugabe and the late Dr Joshua Nkomo are men who tirelessly fought to liberate the oppressed Zimbabwean majority for decades. Dr Nkomo was popularly known as “Father Zimbabwe” because of his level-headedness and big heart. Both men were highly principled and extremely patriotic. It is alleged in some circles that Dr Nkomo helped […]

Harare and Hwange airports

Harare and Hwange airports had the longest runway in Africa and now 15th and 16th in the world. The idea was to make Zimbabwe a regional transport hub. The dream never materialised and was replaced by Johannesburg because South Africa had a better business case than Zimbabwe at independence It’s the dream which Regenerate Zimbabwe […]

An Artist

It’s an artist like this one below who can change the economy of the country if only you can help him with your marketing, IT, and accounting skills. This type of imagination and creativity is unique. Remember China developed through small producers and manufacturers like him. Regenerate Zimbabwe appreciate and respect this type of initiatives […]