Mick Pearce Carrying the Zimabwe Flag

Mick Pearce is a proud Zimbabwean who has carried the Zimbabwe flag globally through his outside the box design concept, using termites cooling system. Many Zimbabweans a pre-occupied in politics and arguably ignoring areas which makes the country great. Mick will be sharing his experience and innovative ideas with his fellow Zimbabweans living in UK. The veteran Architect has travelled extensively across the globe teaching at top Universities and holding talks with a number of organizations. Mick is now working on an idea to turn Harare into a 24/7 city in an environmentally friendly manner.


Zimbabweans are arguably in agreement that change is now necessary in our country. This change need to be caused by actions of each and every Zimbabwean through participation.

Looking at the weakness of someone who is doing something is also a weakness. When bees make honey, they do so not by looking at what another bee is doing, but by concentrating on what it can do by itself. Zimbabwe is damaged all-round and every professional has a job to do including village people who are now divided along political lines. These villagers capability to feed themselves have been disturbed by greedy politicians who continuously interfere with traditional practice of self reliance to that of reliance.

In 1980 many people assumed that Zanu PF was going to be a government for the people and working for the people and with that assumption, we gave them (Zanu PF} unlimited powers including personalising the country at the expense of everyone outside Zanu circle. We should not allow this to happen again by making sure that we keep an eye on all  areas of our expertise. Let us all participate in the unity pact and make sure that we shape the future government irrespective of who is at the helm before they get into the office.

2018 is just a stone throw away

There are thousands of wealthy businessmen in Zimbabwe who rely on government resources for their businesses. Some bought private companies with government money and closed such companies within months, leaving workers with no source of income. Farms were taken from productive farmers in the name of resettlement of rural people yet thousands are in the hands of the politically connected who are  producing nothing.

Why should a sane Zimbabwean believe that zanu pf will do something different. There’s a culture of entitlement, greed, laziness and ignorance. Even the so called younger generation within zanu have learned the trick of the trade and unwilling or unable to produce any single innovative ideas. The village life is so disrupted by politics.

Let us get rid of all those using a zanu pf name for self enrichment. The international business community is waiting to invest in our country provided order and rule of law is restored. President Mugabe has created a ginormous monster for himself and the country over a long period and he has reached a cul-de-suc. The country has been looted to the bone and no viable resources available to bribe voters.

We must stand together and support a true opposition party capable of defeating zanu pf. Most of the newly formed parties should avoid wasting their petty resources and work with others and form a formidable front. Let us avoid  wasting more time criticizing those doing their bit. If one knows something this is the time to demonstrate your knowledge and not form another party which may only serve to lift zanu pf. Enough is enough, let us retake our country and bring order and rule of law.


There are millions of Zimbabweans in the country and all over the world who are busy making a positive difference in society and organizations. However the risk of turning everyone into a politician is real. Politics affects us all but is not the only way to improve our lifestyle. Zimbabweans from all walks of life need to stand up now and take leadership positions in their own area of expertise including among others designing an ideal governance system.


Helping those working towards coalitions is vital but forming new parties is self destruction. We need a good and progressive change very soon because our country is being stripped apart as we speak. Lets stop the Zim rot.


Zimbabwe does not belong to a political party but to every citizen. Proper management of the country and it’s resources lies on each and every individual citizen, and such a citizen has the right to change government personnel including The President.

It may be argued that The President became a Sole Proprietor of Zimbabwe from the moment he came into office. People of Zimbabwe surrendered all entitled rights to one man. Today the sole man is blamed for everything and yet the question still remains! What is in your hand? The country pride itself of abundant human and natural resources. Many of us are seeing a problem when in actual fact we should be seeing opportunities.

Opportunities of replacing zanu government have come and gone on numerous occasion because many of us agree to be bribed by our own money and resources. Opportunities to advance in business continue to come and is going to China. Where is our innovative young men and women? What are they using their skills for? Is this not the right time for them to stand up and say “Yes I can make a difference” instead of blaming and joining some bogus political parties and churches and doing exactly what zanu government is doing.

Starting a party and have one seat is corruption because you have denied a bigger party to win on behalf of everybody and you become the only beneficiary. Equally we have seen so many bogus Preachers miss-selling the word of God and giving people false hope in return for political ambition or money corruptly. Zimbabwe needs men and women who can stand up for truth, efficiency and professional administration.

Zimbabwe government is terminally ill. Giving people pieces of land instead of their wages is clear proof that the government lack innovative practitioners. Where are you? You can change the government but not change the situation unless you  are actively involved in doing something in the form of job creation, agriculture and technology. Remember God created leaders not followers, so let us see the leader in you.


Zimbabwe is blessed with both human and natural resources. ZANU PF was once the best thing since sliced bread and MDC became a breath of fresh air along the road. Both parties have wobbled and new ones are coming to the fore directly and others manifest as churches.

It is very clear that individuals fail Zimbabwe test once they get into decision-making positions, hence the high level of alleged corrupt practices. Zimbabweans need to get together and get involved instead of telling each other what the problem is. Let us fix the broken areas of our mentality and claim our positions as citizens. It maybe naïve to think that a coalition can come into effect and form an efficient government to solve our problems. Instead coalition tend to bring along people who thinks of themselves only and create unnecessary positions and suck from the already dry economy. Let us fix ZANU PF because they have programmes in place already or add value to a branded party like MDC because they are recognizable countrywide.

Zimbabweans should look and remove all bad practices from each preferred party and add value by getting involved. An independent MP has no voice in parliament, a party which starts with 3 vice-presidents is a costly government in the making and references to war and past victories helps no one. Zimbabweans should say yes to good administrative systems and no to self-centredness.

We have a wonderful country waiting for good planners, economists, farmers and  good policemen and women among others. Monies in looters pockets is enough to start the recovery walk and if all those in possession of farms and other businesses can start paying taxes, Zimbabwe will take shape faster than anticipated. We need auditors to correct the books so we can have a better picture of the size  of the damage and send those guilty of corrupt practices to prison. The army has already declared their anti-corruption stand and we should be pleased with that.


Since 2002 Zimbabwe has witnessed a number of new political parties being formed. The question is, what are all these parties going to do differently and what resources are they armed with.

Regenerate Zimbabwe has a different approach.   We have looked at what one can do in areas of their expertise and their record of success during practice as well as their global standing. Majority of these individuals are now in our books as registered professional practitioners. We have asked them to take a mentoring role as a pre-curser for continuity. This means every Zimbabwean has a chance to showcase their abilities. Regenerate Zimbabwe is working on proven governance principles, systems, national costing, stimulus identification and the right personnel. Governance based on political affiliation has led to the demise of not only Zimbabwe but many other African states. Zimbabwe can only succeed when we start afresh without race, gender or tribal mentality. We are assembling a new look leadership team to be introduced to the public for scrutiny  in few months to come. The new government should have these public approved individuals to take over key areas of our economy.

Zimbabwe started going down in 1980 because ordinary people gave the government unlimited authority. Some of the leaders we got from liberation movements had never worked in their lives before and others never appreciated beauty due to numerous factors including bush living style.  However pointing a finger serves no purpose now because we all know that we are in deep and embarrassing trouble. ZANU PF played a pivotal role but we now all agree that time has come for someone who knows that liberating Zimbabwe was an all inclusive exercise because without ordinary people’s help, freedom fighters could not have succeeded and similarly without ordinary people with skills nonew government can succeed.  We want Zimbabwe to have the best transport systems, education, health and thriving agriculture sector as well as clean public toilets and reachable rural areas. To achieve this you need good planners, system designers and policy makers. We need a nation with more private millionaires  who makes their money from new innovative ideas and not using public funds for personal use. Investors are waiting for order and our desire and determination to rebuild our nation.



Zimbabwe is passing through a phase where an increasing number of citizens are starting to overcome fear and speak out louder. Social media is the voice of the oppressed and the government is very much scared of it’s impact, because freedom of speech was removed in 1980 when ZANU PF took over control of all forms of media in the country and also made it difficulty for private sector to play a role in media industry. This only voice of the oppressed is about to be taken away through legalised oppressive laws.

The intended prosecution of people and mobile phone company means the government is determined to stop people from communicating. Because the fear factor is now on it’s way out, activists need to intensify demonstrations and word of mouth communication wherever they maybe including and mainly the rural areas. While activism through demonstrations is gaining momentum, situational management is lacking behind hence the need for the establishment of a professional administrative unit which will concentrate on system designs, policies and project management.

The increasing number of new political parties being formed is on one hand a good thing, because it helps spread the word and, on the other hand it is not a good idea because it   increases fragmentation among opposition forces and strengthen ZANU PF. The administrative unit on discussion will play an advisory and  mediating role  to all stakeholders and also help clear the road for an efficient new government run by capable men and women from all background who possesses unquestionable skill and experience in specific areas.

Regenerate Zimbabwe will soon publish names of capable individuals who have accepted to take a challenge in shaping the future of our country outside politics and in a professional manner. Many opposition parties are working together in demonstrations and Regenerate Zimbabwe is the back office for all activists and busy politicians. This way we can manage to source funding for a common cause and helping everyone on the ground as well as clearing the way to a proper people’s government.


Zimbabwe has now gone a full cycle of injustice, mismanagement, corruption and greed under the only government in 36 years. Many people would like to see the back of ZANU PF as soon as possible but how many people a genuinely interested in rebuilding this beautiful country. Events unfolding tend to point to the fact that majority of disgruntled individuals are more interested in top jobs while the country needs people to remove her from the socio-economic relegation zone. We need to rally behind a party which has a realistic chance of beating ZANU PF and at this stage only MDC has the arsenal to cause such a damage because the majority of opposition parties are either ineffective on the ground or ex-zanu recycled material.

Zimbabwe now needs a new government consisting of servants of the nation,  whose reward will come from the success of the turn-around program which may take years because the country has been looted to the highest degree. Regenerate Zimbabwe would like to see the formation of a new professional administrative government consisting of men and women with knowledge of arresting the current rapid economic decline, operating  independently from politicians. Talks of a grand coalition may just end as talks because everyone wants to be a leader while contributing nothing. This is the time our country needs more than Chimurenga because in 1980 ZANU PF took over a wealthy and prosperous country.

Whoever takes over in 2018 shall be faced with starvation, joblessness, empty bank accounts and a bush bookkeeping system while surrounded by a team of people working to hide the corrupt practices of their time.  Time is running out and any thoughts of a new party or people’s revolution is a dream. Allow MDC to do what they know best while we influence the acceptance of an operational and professional government to repair the damage and introduce corrective and administrative systems.




The alleged ZANU Pf internal conflict and President Mugabe’s possible health problems or age is of no benefit to the nation. What Zimbabweans need to do is to start a process of identifying men and women who will be ready to manage the country at short notice.

The international community is very important but cannot salvage the country on our behalf. Regenerate Zimbabwe and other stake holders have been engaging respectable individuals with experience and expertise to come forward and help form a government in waiting. The individuals in question includes among others, retired professionals, business practitioners and  consultants. There role is to make sure that the country is in safe hands and to develop systems and policies as well as managing expectations professionally. It is very encouraging that those approached have responded positively and are willing to take up what we refer to as mentorship positions.

Zimbabwe should not be allowed to slide backwards again hence the need for safe hands. The Zimbabwe team in question will focus on professional regeneration of our country and not involved in political activism. Zimbabwe has thousands of young professionals who stand to benefit from the experienced team whose agenda is restoring the country to her former bread-basket status and for people to do what they know best while at the same time creating wealth for all.