Great Marketing ; London indaba

Many Zimbabweans are looking at other available options to stop the Zimbabwe rot. Dr Ernest Kadembo is among distinguished Zimbabweans who have adopted a national marketing strategy to address current socio-economic challenges Zimbabwe is experiencing. The indaba to be held 17th-18th March, 2017 has attracted hundreds of people from across the globe.

Img 0914Dr Kadembo is a proud Zimbabwean who operates outside politics and focus on business development. Tourism in Zimbabwe has remained relatively strong and orderly partly due to good leadership. The industry has gone through difficult times due to exchange rate and financial shortages but still considered to be the only reliable foreign currency earner. Dr Kadembo has invited Minister of Tourism Mr Walter Mzembi to come and shed light on development at large in Zimbabwe. The Minister is receiving international recognition and is a candidate for a leadership position with the UNWTO. Many in business circles are pleased with his tourism vision







 Zimbabwe and her people have the capability to rise again after a clean-up operation. Land utilization is the first point because God blessed Zimbabweans with land for all purposes. We need to let the farmers do what they know best and Preachers spread the word of wisdom, love and peace. Operation Murambatsvina ye zanu pf

Mukuvisi River Harare; Beauty without beautiful mind


The contaminated Mukuvisi river could have been a priority project for any parks department in modern world. A lot can be done including water sports and water travel from city to townships and suburbia.

What a contrast in two images


God creates and man adds value to make life easier for all. God blessed Africa with beautiful natural resources yet man contine failing to add value. Lets rebuild our beautiful country and turn it into a paradise for future generations. Love not wars. This is the time for all of us to go to work and beautify Zimbabwe in all areas.

Look East Policy; why not look within


The cost of flying to China to sign MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) documents can be higher than providing good facilities and tools for local manufacturers to make what is truly Zimbabwean products. China is now 2nd biggest economy in the world from being one of the poorer countries, courtesy of her SMEs. Government’s role is to provide infrastructure, good laws and policies and to make sure that everyone obeys the good laws. Regenerate Zimbabwe shall not allow the so called familiarization trips abroad because they are familiar with the best already… One may argue that the cost of trade agreement trips, conferences and meetings may have contributed to the decline of the country’s economy. Our national economic plan takes into account local resource before looking outside.


transport-1Zimbabwe is a landlocked country but strategically situated to become a distribution hub as well as passenger and goods interchange centre serving countries like Malawi, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Infrastructures like good roads, rail, warehouses and efficient border post are key factors in a country’s attractiveness in addition to security, rule of law and education among others.  Zimbabwe has got so much land and room for improvement. Any major roads can be extended to add more lanes

Some people may look at this and think it’s an ambitious project but Zimbabwe cannot start a regeneration project with third world mentality. The country is a sleeping giant and one should look at Zimbabwe and compare it with developed countries like German, Japan and the United Kingdom. People in these countries are always thinking of improving all areas of life.

transport-2Regenerate Zimbabwe government shall pay attention to easy movement of goods and passengers between major cities like Johannesburg, Lusaka, Blantyre and Kinshasa. This is because we have experienced men and women with necessary qualification and desire to regenerate Zimbabwe.


zimbabwe-leadersRobert Gabriel Mugabe and the late Dr Joshua Nkomo are men who tirelessly fought to liberate the oppressed Zimbabwean majority for decades. Dr Nkomo was popularly known as “Father Zimbabwe” because of his level-headedness and big heart. Both men were highly principled and extremely patriotic. It is alleged in some circles that Dr Nkomo helped keep President Mugabe focussed and calm because he was a man of peace who understood business as well and was a great friend of the late Tiny Rowland (27 November 1917 – 25 July 1998). Mr Rowland was a British businessman and chief executive of the Lonrho conglomerate from 1962 to 1994. He gained fame from a number of high-profile takeover bids, in particular his bid to take control of Harrods.

The mandate given to these two men was to liberate the masses to allow others to take the country to a higher level like a relay. Unfortunately President Mugabe decided to go all the way and probably deprived himself of other things in life as a senior citizen. Instead he kept the baton and continue to run on his own, 35 years later still running. It may be argued that the man never de-militarised himself and as such he is still fighting anyone who appear to question his judgement. The Regenerate Zimbabwe government will make sure that the responsibility of running a country is shared by more people from one generation to another because life is a journey and a man can only do so much. We believe in the wisdom of the elders but most importantly believe in engaging men and women who can keep pace with the dynamics of life. Today anyone may claim to be the right person to be in power in Zimbabwe, but we believe that we need to produce a long list of educated and experienced people who can manage Zimbabwe.

We salute and respect the two men for playing leading roles of freeing us from oppression but we now need freedom of speech, movement, and poverty. Zimbabwe now needs leaders who are servants of the people, with good vision and defined developmental plan of action.

Harare and Hwange airports

Harare and Hwange airports had the longest runway in Africa and now 15th and 16th in the world. The idea was to make Zimbabwe a regional transport hub. The dream never materialised and was replaced by Johannesburg because South Africa had a better business case than Zimbabwe at independence It’s the dream which Regenerate Zimbabwe would like to pursue once we takeover gorvernance and introduce conduicive economic and business policies Today our national airline is struggling to survive due to alleged cases of corruption and maladministration.

An Artist

It’s an artist like this one below who can change the economy of the country if only you can help him with your marketing, IT, and accounting skills. This type of imagination and creativity is unique. Remember China developed through small producers and manufacturers like him. Regenerate Zimbabwe appreciate and respect this type of initiatives by individual Zimbabweans.