Zimbabwe is blessed with both human and natural resources. ZANU PF was once the best thing since sliced bread and MDC became a breath of fresh air along the road. Both parties have wobbled and new ones are coming to the fore directly and others manifest as churches.

It is very clear that individuals fail Zimbabwe test once they get into decision-making positions, hence the high level of alleged corrupt practices. Zimbabweans need to get together and get involved instead of telling each other what the problem is. Let us fix the broken areas of our mentality and claim our positions as citizens. It maybe naïve to think that a coalition can come into effect and form an efficient government to solve our problems. Instead coalition tend to bring along people who thinks of themselves only and create unnecessary positions and suck from the already dry economy. Let us fix ZANU PF because they have programmes in place already or add value to a branded party like MDC because they are recognizable countrywide.

Zimbabweans should look and remove all bad practices from each preferred party and add value by getting involved. An independent MP has no voice in parliament, a party which starts with 3 vice-presidents is a costly government in the making and references to war and past victories helps no one. Zimbabweans should say yes to good administrative systems and no to self-centredness.

We have a wonderful country waiting for good planners, economists, farmers and  good policemen and women among others. Monies in looters pockets is enough to start the recovery walk and if all those in possession of farms and other businesses can start paying taxes, Zimbabwe will take shape faster than anticipated. We need auditors to correct the books so we can have a better picture of the size  of the damage and send those guilty of corrupt practices to prison. The army has already declared their anti-corruption stand and we should be pleased with that.

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