zimbabwe-leadersRobert Gabriel Mugabe and the late Dr Joshua Nkomo are men who tirelessly fought to liberate the oppressed Zimbabwean majority for decades. Dr Nkomo was popularly known as “Father Zimbabwe” because of his level-headedness and big heart. Both men were highly principled and extremely patriotic. It is alleged in some circles that Dr Nkomo helped keep President Mugabe focussed and calm because he was a man of peace who understood business as well and was a great friend of the late Tiny Rowland (27 November 1917 – 25 July 1998). Mr Rowland was a British businessman and chief executive of the Lonrho conglomerate from 1962 to 1994. He gained fame from a number of high-profile takeover bids, in particular his bid to take control of Harrods.

The mandate given to these two men was to liberate the masses to allow others to take the country to a higher level like a relay. Unfortunately President Mugabe decided to go all the way and probably deprived himself of other things in life as a senior citizen. Instead he kept the baton and continue to run on his own, 35 years later still running. It may be argued that the man never de-militarised himself and as such he is still fighting anyone who appear to question his judgement. The Regenerate Zimbabwe government will make sure that the responsibility of running a country is shared by more people from one generation to another because life is a journey and a man can only do so much. We believe in the wisdom of the elders but most importantly believe in engaging men and women who can keep pace with the dynamics of life. Today anyone may claim to be the right person to be in power in Zimbabwe, but we believe that we need to produce a long list of educated and experienced people who can manage Zimbabwe.

We salute and respect the two men for playing leading roles of freeing us from oppression but we now need freedom of speech, movement, and poverty. Zimbabwe now needs leaders who are servants of the people, with good vision and defined developmental plan of action.

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