Great Marketing ; London indaba

Many Zimbabweans are looking at other available options to stop the Zimbabwe rot. Dr Ernest Kadembo is among distinguished Zimbabweans who have adopted a national marketing strategy to address current socio-economic challenges Zimbabwe is experiencing. The indaba to be held 17th-18th March, 2017 has attracted hundreds of people from across the globe.

Img 0914Dr Kadembo is a proud Zimbabwean who operates outside politics and focus on business development. Tourism in Zimbabwe has remained relatively strong and orderly partly due to good leadership. The industry has gone through difficult times due to exchange rate and financial shortages but still considered to be the only reliable foreign currency earner. Dr Kadembo has invited Minister of Tourism Mr Walter Mzembi to come and shed light on development at large in Zimbabwe. The Minister is receiving international recognition and is a candidate for a leadership position with the UNWTO. Many in business circles are pleased with his tourism vision





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