Regenerate Zimbabwe 

Manifesto Breakdown


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Regenerate Zimbabwe government will have job creation as vital for both the government and people. There is generally a direct link between job creation and business confidence. As a party we shall look at reasons of low business confidence and do whatever possible to increase such confidence through policies, planning, human resource and overall infrastructure availability.

In creating jobs the government will first look at areas which needs early intervention and areas requiring upliftment without spending millions of money, areas in which our own people are very good at and already practicing but perhaps with less output/impact or low products. Among these include;

Arts& Crafts

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Zimbabwe if gifted with thousands of ordinary people with extra-ordinary artistic skills to produce home products. The government shall help such exceptional individuals with necessary tools to produce products of international standard. Our experts in the party are already working on finding ways of exposing the made-in- Zimbabwe products i.e. finding markets and building e-commerce for easier selling and distribution. We shall also help such individuals to produce usable products such as unique lounge or bedroom light fittings, water features, basis, headboards and to be incorporated in the overall interior design aspects.



Prototypes Centers

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Regenerate Zimbabwe government will work hard to promote a “Made in Zimbabwe” concept. Our Engineers will listen to public ideas and help develop a prototype, be it a bicycle, car or any other machineries. This will help our young people to enhance their innovativeness and also attract manufacturers from outside or local to manufacture the product. The “Made-In-Zimbabwe” is our version of indigenization. We shall encourage the public to make things and not grab from foreign people or disadvantage others.


Small Scale Farming

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Another greatest gift Zimbabwe have is the rural people’s willingness to work on the fields. However people continue to make use of one season out of four and our experts are working on projects to help these farmers with ideas and knowledge of what to plant in each season. This also includes the mushrooming of nurseries all over our country so people can easily have access to seeds and seedlings for fruits vegetables and others. Our knowledgeable people are also working on training people how to produce other products such as juicing, honey farming and package, sausage-making and free range chickens and eggs which the world market is desperate to have. Zimbabwe has a rural population of approximately 10m all with access to land. With good planning, marketing strategy and training, rural Zimbabwe has the capacity to feed the nation, create millions of jobs and earn foreign currency through exports.


Vehicle Road worthiness garages  or  M.O.T centers.

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Accident rate in Zimbabwe is abnormally high and among many reasons is the roadworthiness of vehicle. Regenerate Zimbabwe government shall make it compulsory for every vehicle to have a full comprehensive insurance and undergoing road-worthiness test each year. A road worthiness testing centre usually employs an average 5 people depending on area population because the centre will also provide other vehicle services such as brakes, tyres lights and general maintenance. Zimbabwe has approximately 1.2m vehicles on the road rising and at 33 vehicles serviced each month, we may require 3000 testing centres creating 15 000 jobs. The government will facilitate the purchase of tools and equipment required to perform jobs of high standard.



Exporters of finished goods to zimbabwe.

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The government will make sure that some major goods exported to Zimbabwe should be half complete so we can create jobs locally by completing the manufacture of such products ourselves using our engineers and technicians, resulting in the creation of jobs and also paying less for such products saving the country foreign currency. The completed products can be exported further within the region.


Refurbishment of derelict buildings/factories

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After the closure of some businesses Zimbabwe has hundreds of unused buildings most of them requiring major attention. Availability of factory premises at competitive rental is a major factor in attracting investors. The Chinese have adopted that style to great success. So the government shall play a major role in making sure that all buildings public or private are in good working condition and ready to be used. The refurbishment of buildings will create a chain of events in terms of job creation.



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With a good and friendly government, Zimbabwe has the potential to be the best tourist destination of choice. The government through our professionals scattered all over the world, shall embark on a massive marketing campaign to attract tourists and tourism investors to come to Zimbabwe. We shall invite our new friends and colleagues around the world to visit our country and see some of our natural beauty the country can offer.


Infrastructure development

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Zimbabwe is a natural distribution centre of the region but is currently not enjoying such advantage due to undeveloped infrastructure such as roads, rail and air. Harare airport runway is the 13th longest in the world and Hwange stands at 15th in the world. This was the Rhodesian idea to make Zimbabwe the regional hub both for ordinary travellers and tourists. Both the need and demand for such services is still there and Regenerate Zimbabwe government will definitely resuscitate that idea


Construction of major highways require major investment and the Regenerate Zimbabwe shall adopt a B.O.T. (Build, Operate and Transfer) with major construction companies of international repute over an agreed period for all the major roads. In addition the government shall invest in modern road construction machineries for the rest of roads upgrades utilizing our abundant resource in civil engineers at our disposal who are already engaged with major road construction companies in South Africa, Australia, UK, Germany and The United States.


Water and rivers

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Zimbabwe has many rivers sometimes causing floods in areas like Mbire and many others. Very few of these rivers continue to flow all year round and our government will make sure that we build many reservoirs in many parts of our rivers for people to have water even in dry season. The water can also be used for recreation and fishing.


Dual Citizenship

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It is estimated that between 5-7m Zimbabweans are in diaspora. Most of these people have now adopted nationality of such countries. Potentially they can inject 2billion pounds into the system Lifting restrictions on dual l citizenship and amount of money they can bring in and take out can enhance the continued inflow of foreign currency into Zimbabwe. Our diaspora community are the closest to investment and tourism. The Republic of South Africa introduced dual citizenship with great success and monies which were initially taken out of the country started coming back during the early days of Mandela government. Travel became easier for citizens and that created lots of money inside the country and in all South African Embassies abroad. People paid millions of dollars in passports and dual citizenship fees


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The issue of race, nationality, gender and colour is only there to minimize our potential. Our government shall pass laws which promotes respect for humanity and rule of law. Colonial boundaries created in the past and still exist now shall be dismantled to give people unlimited access to any area of their choice without reference to tribes.



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There are many factors contributing to economic development such as the followings;

  • Infrastructure
  • Freedom of speech and association
  • Effective administration
  • Security
  • Human rights
  • Professionalism
  • IT
  • Rule of law
  • Property rights
  • Customer service
  • Good policies
  • Planning
  • Human resource
  • Honesty
  • The above does not require major financial investment other than regeneration of the mind from power, selfish and authoritarian style to love, pride and service. The Regenerate Zimbabwe government will make sure that it engages the right people with right qualification, attitude, behaviour and right work ethic to be the face of Zimbabwe in all areas.
  • Our professionals currently in our books will re-design our border posts and turn them into malls with express travel facilities in order to attract citizens of neighbouring countries who may continue to pay short visits into our country and spend on what we have on offer. The border posts can help develop our economy when operating effectively with no delays and unnecessary manual checks. Travellers should take same or less time to cross into Zimbabwe than air travellers with the installation of express counters and technologies…




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The RZ government will revamp all existing sporting facilities in the urban areas and redesign schools in the rural areas to include sporting facilities and employ sports administrators with the aim of producing our own professional sportsmen/women who may contribute hugely to the economy


Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal and the Caribbean benefit hugely through revenue generated by their sports people. Zimbabwe is going to be a sporting country and every child will be exposed to some kind of sporting code and those with potential shall be given a development chance to compete at international stage.

The experienced Regenerate Zimbabwe engineers will be deployed to work on upgrading our railway equipment and refurbish and restore our locomotives and history of such assets which may also attract visitors.



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Agriculture is arguably the backbone of Zimbabwe economy. In the early days commercial farmers provided 30% of the paid workforce and accounted for 40% of exports through principal crops such as sugarcane, coffee, cotton, tobacco and maize. Both commercial and subsistence farmers maintained large cattle herds. It is the intention of the Regenerate Zimbabwe government to recognize the experience gained by the farm workers and subsistence farmers and shall design a proper planned program to enable the sector to function effectively by providing necessary tools, equipment and additional knowledge using experience and practices of developed world. All farmers shall be afforded training in areas such as cheese-making, goat milk production, fish farming, bee-keeping, peanut butter, wine making packaging etc., etc. The Regenerate Zimbabwe government shall setup a division dealing with agricultural based products so that all 12 months of the year are fully utilized productively.


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ARDA (Agricultural Rural Development authority) is one of the brightest ideas introduced by the Rhodesian government. Regenerate Zimbabwe will want to add value by making sure that all ARDA farms are in full operation and to provide additional food security to the nation.


In addition our government will include training facilities in all ARDA farms to provide practical agriculture training to the communities and also to hire their equipment to such communities building a close relationship between government and people in agriculture. All ARDA equipment shall be restored and serviced including irrigation pipes, boreholes, dams and pumps

CMED (Central Mechanical Equipment Department) is a government para-statal designed to keep the wheels of national production turning. Just like ARDA our government will restore this key division and also enable to provide apprenticeship training in various types of engineering and to provide good support to the infrastructure development including buying of the right and modern earthmoving equipment for quicker roads rehabilitation exercise and helping farmers with technical support among other roles.


Easy movement of people from one city to another or commuting to and from work comfortably is crucial to the development of the economy. The government will copy some of the transport systems and style from Europe and apply it in Zimbabwe. Public transport shall be of good quality and standard. There is going to be good transport for everyone and members of the public will be encouraged to use public transport once it’s revamped, regenerated and facilities redesigned.  The Mbare musika, Market square and all train stations will be turned into modern day travel inter-changes.


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Regenerate Zimbabwe party is privileged to have such a huge bank of healthcare professionals practicing in first-world countries. The first assignment will be to give our hospitals a face-lift both in terms of environment and the look and feel aspects. We shall also utilize our IT professionals to design healthcare architecture so that we can create linkages and take total stock on health matters. We shall invest in research and devise preventative measures. Zimbabwe shall have a National Health Insurance similar to the UK model and make sure that good health care is accessible to all citizens and all healthcare facilities shall be modelled around that of private clinics. Regenerate Zimbabwe shall recognize and improve lives of people suffering from physical disability, Autism, Dementia and mental problems and shall set up institutions to deal with such problems affecting our people.


It is the intention of this party to encourage development of hospital hotel combination so that our own people can receive world class treatment in Africa. The government will identify land and designate it for health resort around the rural areas.

Our government shall bring quality to both education and related facilities. We shall embark on a project to improve learning and teaching environment and providing teachers with necessary tools for effective teaching. The schools regeneration program shall include renovating or building new good quality and well planned schools and to develop a syllabus which meet the expectation and needs of the industry and commerce. Product design, farming, health and safety, small plots management, domestic signs and sports shall be made compulsory. Learners shall be supplied with library facilities and computers and exposed to new age learning methods

All teachers shall be given an option to learn other areas of life e.g. thatching, garden, sports management, cookery and IT.



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Technology is no longer the future but the current. As a party we are proud to say we have thousands of young people highly qualified in different areas of Information Technology. We shall embark on a national IT networking to enable people to work smart and save time. Under Regenerate Zimbabwe government most day to day issues will be dealt with online and people will no longer wait in long queues for basic service. General Practitioners and hospitals shall be able to share patient information and application for passport, birth and death certificates, marriage and other IT related services shall be available at the Post Office.

Post offices are located in most parts of the country and in addition to postal services, Post Offices will be able to expand banking services. Zimbabwean living abroad will be able to make applications for passports and receive them in one day. Police, the Military, Health, education and agriculture shall all have access to Information Technology.

Rule of law

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Regenerate Zimbabwe government will become a true custodian of the rule of law. Our constitution will be like the bible. No one will be allowed to alter the rule of law to accommodate the needs of individuals or ruling party.


We strongly believe that Zimbabwe Regeneration cannot be possible without adherence to the law of the land and many investors may not commit themselves until the laws and policies are made clear and respected. Corruption shall be regarded as a very serious crime and punishable at law. All laws pertaining to planning permission, property ownership, road usage, trade, mining, finance and respect among others shall be enforced accordingly without fear or favor.

We believe that we do not own Zimbabwe but borrow it from our children and as such we should restore it to her healthy and rich environment safe enough to be shared with other species. Animals, trees rivers and soil shall be managed and used a responsible manner. The government shall encourage tree planting, responsible fishing and good farming methods. God created everything for a reason and we should be responsible custodians of creation. Environment management shall be taught at primary schools as well.

Trade and commerce

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Regenerate Zimbabwe government will unlock Zimbabwe potential by produce enough and create African and overseas markets for her goods. Mining, Agriculture, tourism, Arts and sports have the possibility to enhance the country’s status on export market. The government will make sure that big companies of good standing are involved in our mining sector and that the activities are conducted in a systematic and professional manner to the benefit of the mining company, government and people. No mining license will be issued to anyone without providing physical proof of capacity, expertise and equipment and no civil servant will be allowed to have shares in mining while still serving in the public sector. The same shall apply to farming because we expect each and every civil servant to dedicate herself/himself 100% to serving the public or resign and buy a farm with own funds and become a full time farmer.

Projects funding source

The first form of funding some of our projects comes from saving through

  • Reducing government ministries to less than 14
  • No Provincial Ministers or governors
  • Ministers and Deputy Ministers vehicle will be leased not bought and will be serviced by the leasing company
  • Parastatal C.E.O.’s and Directors vehicle will be leased in the name of the executives and salaries will include such allowances at no extra cost to government.
  • Selling of some government companies like Zimpaper to private investors
  • Eradication of corrupt activities.
  • Donations from our members
  • Taxation
  • Mineral sales
  • Fees and Fines
  • Borrowing only if it is used for profit making ventures or necessary services like healthcare.