Since 2002 Zimbabwe has witnessed a number of new political parties being formed. The question is, what are all these parties going to do differently and what resources are they armed with.

Regenerate Zimbabwe has a different approach.   We have looked at what one can do in areas of their expertise and their record of success during practice as well as their global standing. Majority of these individuals are now in our books as registered professional practitioners. We have asked them to take a mentoring role as a pre-curser for continuity. This means every Zimbabwean has a chance to showcase their abilities. Regenerate Zimbabwe is working on proven governance principles, systems, national costing, stimulus identification and the right personnel. Governance based on political affiliation has led to the demise of not only Zimbabwe but many other African states. Zimbabwe can only succeed when we start afresh without race, gender or tribal mentality. We are assembling a new look leadership team to be introduced to the public for scrutiny  in few months to come. The new government should have these public approved individuals to take over key areas of our economy.

Zimbabwe started going down in 1980 because ordinary people gave the government unlimited authority. Some of the leaders we got from liberation movements had never worked in their lives before and others never appreciated beauty due to numerous factors including bush living style.  However pointing a finger serves no purpose now because we all know that we are in deep and embarrassing trouble. ZANU PF played a pivotal role but we now all agree that time has come for someone who knows that liberating Zimbabwe was an all inclusive exercise because without ordinary people’s help, freedom fighters could not have succeeded and similarly without ordinary people with skills nonew government can succeed.  We want Zimbabwe to have the best transport systems, education, health and thriving agriculture sector as well as clean public toilets and reachable rural areas. To achieve this you need good planners, system designers and policy makers. We need a nation with more private millionaires  who makes their money from new innovative ideas and not using public funds for personal use. Investors are waiting for order and our desire and determination to rebuild our nation.


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