Zimbabwe has now gone a full cycle of injustice, mismanagement, corruption and greed under the only government in 36 years. Many people would like to see the back of ZANU PF as soon as possible but how many people a genuinely interested in rebuilding this beautiful country. Events unfolding tend to point to the fact that majority of disgruntled individuals are more interested in top jobs while the country needs people to remove her from the socio-economic relegation zone. We need to rally behind a party which has a realistic chance of beating ZANU PF and at this stage only MDC has the arsenal to cause such a damage because the majority of opposition parties are either ineffective on the ground or ex-zanu recycled material.

Zimbabwe now needs a new government consisting of servants of the nation,  whose reward will come from the success of the turn-around program which may take years because the country has been looted to the highest degree. Regenerate Zimbabwe would like to see the formation of a new professional administrative government consisting of men and women with knowledge of arresting the current rapid economic decline, operating  independently from politicians. Talks of a grand coalition may just end as talks because everyone wants to be a leader while contributing nothing. This is the time our country needs more than Chimurenga because in 1980 ZANU PF took over a wealthy and prosperous country.

Whoever takes over in 2018 shall be faced with starvation, joblessness, empty bank accounts and a bush bookkeeping system while surrounded by a team of people working to hide the corrupt practices of their time.  Time is running out and any thoughts of a new party or people’s revolution is a dream. Allow MDC to do what they know best while we influence the acceptance of an operational and professional government to repair the damage and introduce corrective and administrative systems.



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