Zimbabweans are arguably in agreement that change is now necessary in our country. This change need to be caused by actions of each and every Zimbabwean through participation.

Looking at the weakness of someone who is doing something is also a weakness. When bees make honey, they do so not by looking at what another bee is doing, but by concentrating on what it can do by itself. Zimbabwe is damaged all-round and every professional has a job to do including village people who are now divided along political lines. These villagers capability to feed themselves have been disturbed by greedy politicians who continuously interfere with traditional practice of self reliance to that of reliance.

In 1980 many people assumed that Zanu PF was going to be a government for the people and working for the people and with that assumption, we gave them (Zanu PF} unlimited powers including personalising the country at the expense of everyone outside Zanu circle. We should not allow this to happen again by making sure that we keep an eye on all  areas of our expertise. Let us all participate in the unity pact and make sure that we shape the future government irrespective of who is at the helm before they get into the office.

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