Zimbabwe like any other country has people from diverse background but share the pain of mismanagement of the country, resulting in numerous social problems. President Mugabe is now too old to restore the country and too weak to stop those who are worsening the down fall of the one- time bread-basket of the continent . This weakness has resulted in a situation where everyone sees an opportunity to become the next head of state.

Tens if not hundreds of parties or groups are being formed each day Some parties are purely online, others are direct on the ground and a considerable number comes in the form of a churches with a political agenda. While it is good to have more people acknowledging that the current government has failed it’s people, the  DIY approach in this fragmentation format may without doubt result in ZANU PF still remaining as the biggest party without even trying to rig results, a scenario we all do not wish to see. Dislodging zanu pf may not be as easy as it sound because of their deep-rooted investment in support structures designed to keep them in power. Many of the potential presidents at our disposal today may not even enter th kitchen because the heat is just too much and those who broke-away from major opposition to start their own now stand alone with support not even enough for one seat. So what is the solution. One of the fellow Zimbabweans termed it “Lubricating the machinery” i.e. supporting the biggest opposition party while registering the reform you require. The reforms in question relate to party and government level so that we are not consumed by excitement as was the case in 1980. The Regeneration professionals and many others outside have gained so much experience to enable a rapid turn-around of our country once a stable government is in place.

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