The alleged ZANU Pf internal conflict and President Mugabe’s possible health problems or age is of no benefit to the nation. What Zimbabweans need to do is to start a process of identifying men and women who will be ready to manage the country at short notice.

The international community is very important but cannot salvage the country on our behalf. Regenerate Zimbabwe and other stake holders have been engaging respectable individuals with experience and expertise to come forward and help form a government in waiting. The individuals in question includes among others, retired professionals, business practitioners and  consultants. There role is to make sure that the country is in safe hands and to develop systems and policies as well as managing expectations professionally. It is very encouraging that those approached have responded positively and are willing to take up what we refer to as mentorship positions.

Zimbabwe should not be allowed to slide backwards again hence the need for safe hands. The Zimbabwe team in question will focus on professional regeneration of our country and not involved in political activism. Zimbabwe has thousands of young professionals who stand to benefit from the experienced team whose agenda is restoring the country to her former bread-basket status and for people to do what they know best while at the same time creating wealth for all.

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