transport-1Zimbabwe is a landlocked country but strategically situated to become a distribution hub as well as passenger and goods interchange centre serving countries like Malawi, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Infrastructures like good roads, rail, warehouses and efficient border post are key factors in a country’s attractiveness in addition to security, rule of law and education among others.  Zimbabwe has got so much land and room for improvement. Any major roads can be extended to add more lanes

Some people may look at this and think it’s an ambitious project but Zimbabwe cannot start a regeneration project with third world mentality. The country is a sleeping giant and one should look at Zimbabwe and compare it with developed countries like German, Japan and the United Kingdom. People in these countries are always thinking of improving all areas of life.

transport-2Regenerate Zimbabwe government shall pay attention to easy movement of goods and passengers between major cities like Johannesburg, Lusaka, Blantyre and Kinshasa. This is because we have experienced men and women with necessary qualification and desire to regenerate Zimbabwe.

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